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About Haddam Road

Haddam Road Advisors is a culmination of multiple experiences.

From the time I was five the idea of a quality standard or care for people and the responsibility of delivering that care was embedded in me. I grew up living in Haddam Manor, a small nursing home owned and run by my father and mother, a geriatric nurse.

Most of my professional career was spent far from that beginning, but my years as a trader, broker, and finance officer in the derivatives industry taught me to focus on risk rather than chase returns. And the discipline l learned as a CPA impressed upon me the need to use numbers to measure what’s currently happening and describe the future.

I’ve also been interested in horticulture for many years, teaching patience and persistence, the influence of seasons, and creative ways to increase yields.

Haddam Road Advisors is the culmination of these beginnings, careers, and interests. our goal is to demystify financial services and make it something you practice every day, without fear, with a sense of support, and with non-judgmental guidance.

We want to help you get to where you desire by knowing where to start. One step at a time.

Financial Planner and Portfolio Manager

Brian Kearns

About Brian

  • Born a Connecticut Yankee

  • Since 2012, a Financial Advisor with Morgan Stanley (2014-2017), MassMutual (2012-2014), and independent RIAs (2017-2019).

  • 20 years' experience in derivatives 

    • As a derivatives trader, broker, and finance officer (reporting to Financial Services Authority the UK Regulatory body, 1996-2001).

    • Spent 15 years in London (1994-2009); gained an international perspective on global economy and international companies.

    • Traded on first electronic exchanges in US and Europe (Globex, Eurex)

  • Started career in commercial real estate development as an accountant (1987-1991).

  • Bachelor of Science, Accounting Lehigh University

  • Certified Public Accountant, 1989 (currently registered)

  • Certificate in Horticulture, Royal Horticulture Society, London 2002

  • PADI Assistant Instructor, (inactive), 1990-1996

  • Co-Chair Financial Planning Forum, Illinois CPA Society, 2013-present

  • President, Professional Community Connections - Business Network Intl.,  2018-2019

  • Board Member, Lake Forest Symphony, 2018-present


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