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Our Services

Your financial future is our top priority.

On the way to your financial goals, walk with an advisor who makes the path clear.

Business owners understand the idea of profit and loss, of liabilities and assets; it’s one of the first lessons in running a profitable business. We think of personal financial management and planning in the same terms. It’s a way to take a non-judgemental look at the landscape, examine your financial status, create a plan, and then execute any changes.

We are a fee-only advisor, so we don’t take commission from the products we recommend. Haddam Road Advisors is a fiduciary, mandated to specifically act in your best interest.

Our Services

We are living in an era of rapid change and it is the individual’s responsibility (more than ever) to not only plan their financial future, but to execute the plan going forward.

We offer several ways for people to engage us so we can serve the differing stages in life.

We are here to help you.



How do we get more money to FLOW?Financial Planning
Financial Planning services take into account a review of current metrics utilizing the Haddam Model, review and analysis of current situations in your life/lifestyle, and make recommendations going forward.

How much are you willing to let your investments fluctuate over time while they GROW?Portfolio Management
Also in this era of rapid change, a smart approach to portfolio management is essential. We look at risk, age, lifestyle, timeline, personal preference, and many other factors to develop a whole picture of what suits your goals.


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