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Financial Plan in 10 Minutes Part 7

What's it all about? There's an art and a science to financial planning, and this is part of the art part. This is Maslow's hierarchy of needs. You've probably seen it before. And, and I like to use this when I talk about a lifestyle leading to meaning you start off at the beginning with the basics, food, clothing, shelter, we talked about that in terms of lifestyle planning, but it grows.

If you develop relationships, you become part of a community you build a family, you have a lot of friends and you climb your way. I like to say you climb your way up to the purple part where you look back and you say, Oh, that's what it's all about. You it's, it's a level of self-fulfillment. It's, it's what they call self-actualization, which is kind of a very interesting term.

That means something different to everyone. That's the art part of financial planning. How do we help you finance your way, the pyramid to the purple part. Next standards of care.

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