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Financial Plan in 10 Minutes Part 8

My first home was in Hadham, Connecticut, above a nursing home that my parents owned. My mom was a geriatrics nurse, and within a nursing practice, they utilize what they term, uh, standards of care. I try to do the same, and this is what I use when talking with clients. To give them ideas of things that we want might want to focus on.

It's not a comprehensive list, but I like to show it, uh, to help identify issues that they might want to address as they climb Maslow's pure pyramid to the purple part. And you'll see some things here that every issue here works on the planning grid. You could see that the cash flows. Expenses, lifestyle, investments, portfolios, retirement income, all these different legacy planning, charitable planning, all these different issues can be described through the planning grid as you work your way up to the purple part of Maslow's pyramid.

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